Resume for Preschool Teacher

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Teacher with over 3 years of Teaching and Education experience. Areas of expertise include Internet savvy (email, educational websites, search engines, etc.), reading and math programs, ability to handle multiple tasks and assignments simultaneously, strong verbal and written communication skills and professional appearance(insert your areas of expertise). Proven ability set high standards of professionalism(insert your proven track record). Fluent in Hindi, English Punjabi, honest, strategic thinker, problem solver .

Simran takes on the conventional and the most unconventional challenges to deliver results that exceed expectations; possesses strong interpersonal and leadership skills for any employer looking for rare talent

Employment experience

  • Teaching and monitoring program services agreed to elementary age children.
  • Prepare and implement lesson plans and coordinate day-to-day program preschool activities.
  • Maintain staff and volunteer logs and attendance .
  • Presented reviews of student progress to management and parents and handled questions.
  • Perform reading story time, preschool music time, attended parents/student critiques and open houses and conferences.
  • Maintain and articulate policy and methods from the organization. Train and supervise preschool staff and volunteers for all after school and extra-curricular functions.
  • Help in the look and implementation of special occasions.
  • Help in development and implementation of fundraiser activities.
  • Maintain and monitor inventory of assets and supplies for that daily function of programs and services.
  • Perform function of frequent lowering and raising from the facilities.


  • Certified Teacher
  • Teaching and Education News Weekly, Overcoming Limitations In Teaching and Education, 20**.

Teaching and Education associations

  • Ramakrishna Teacher Training Teacher Society.
  • National Teaching and Education Association

Academic qualifications

  • Education Degree, University of Delhi, 20**
  • Teacher Diploma, College of Ramakrishana Teacher Training Institute, Delhi, 20**.
  • Teaching and Education Certificate, Technical Institute, 20**.

Charity and social responsibility

  • Teaching and Education Society, 20** – Present.
  • YMCA Teaching and Education, Treasurer, 20** – Present.

Personal Details

Date of Birth : 12/09/19**
Present Address : somewhere, City ,Place
Permanent Address : XXXXX, City
Linguistic Abilities : English, Hindi