Resume for Finance and Banking

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Seeking entry level positions in the domain of FINANCE & BANKING with a growth oriented organization.


  • Pursuing MBA with specialization in FINANCE & BANKING from XXX University , City name
  • Successfully completed the internship on RECRUITMENT OF FINANCIAL ADVISOR at company name, city name.
  • Done management thesis on Study on Different Financial Modeling Techniques used by Firms.
  • Knowledge of Financial & Banking procedures and internal financial controls for profit monitoring, working capital & asset management.
  • Keen interest in updating self about industry & economic trends in Indians as well as International markets.


  • Pursuing Masters in Business Administration – Finance & Banking: XXXX University , Secured B Grade (till expected completion date).
  • Bachelor of Commerce – Advanced Accountancy in 200* University name , Secured 2nd division.
  • Higher Secondary Certificate – Commerce in 200* Board name , Secured 1st Division.
  • Senior Secondary Certificate in 200* Board name Secured 2nd Division


Title : Recruitment of Financial Advisors
Organization : Company name , city name
Role : Recruiter
Duration : Apr 09- Jun09


  • Providing assistance for effective team planning.
  • Completing the field data collection to ensure prope utilization of all the resources.
  • Creating a new presentation on job responsibilities for Advisors


  • Successful in recruiting first candidate.
  • Efficiently generated fresh data of 200 people.
  • Instrumental in handling a walk of 22 people.


Organization : Company name, city name
Title : Study on Different Financial Modeling Techniques used by Firm
Duration : 3 months
Others : To Study credit appraisal process used by selected Nationalized Bank in city


Duration : 5 months

  • Studied various techniques which motivate employees.
  • Conducted a study on the different types of process charts & aids used in the production process in the Textile industry
  • Assessed the Recruitment procedure in a bank
  • Identified “Price and Non Price” competition adopted by the organization.
  • Designed a questionnaire to find out to what extent an MBA programme helps working executives in developing their skills.
  • Presented a traffic management project using GIS in the 1st semester of the MBA program.


  • Received “Excellent Performance Award” during 1st semester of the MBA program
  • Rewarded for “Best Environmental Project” during graduation level.


  • Was an active member in cultural activities ; coordinated various events
  • Actively participated in the cycle rally to focus on pollution.

Personal Details

Date of Birth : dd/mm/yy
Present Address : XXXX, City ,Place
Permanent Address : XXXXX, City
Linguistic Abilities : English, Hindi, Punjabi